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Fulbright Kommission

Statement on Ukraine by Fulbright Commissions in Europe

On behalf of Fulbright Commissions in Europe, we strongly condemn the Russian assault on Ukraine in violation of international law and human rights.

We are working with the US Department of State and local US Embassies, and with governmental partners in our host states, to guarantee the safety and security of alumni and grantees. All Fulbright Commissions in Europe are committed to contributing to this effort.

At this critical juncture in Europe and the international system, we remain deeply committed to the power of the Fulbright Program to open minds, foster dialogue and learning, and sustain mutual understanding and cooperation between the United States and Europe. Together, the Fulbright Commissions in Europe have supported tens of thousands of grantees, who carry the spirit of transatlantic cooperation and understanding throughout our societies. For 30 years, Fulbright Ukraine has been a valued member of the Fulbright Europe family, contributing significantly to efforts to bring more knowledge, compassion, and reason to the world.

As the courageous people of Ukraine defend their lives and nation, we stand in solidarity with the staff, grantees, and alumni of the Fulbright Program in Ukraine, the people of Ukraine, and others committed to a democratic, free, and peaceful Europe and an international system based on the rule of law.

We encourage the Fulbright community across Europe to support national and international efforts to assist the people of Ukraine.

  •     Hermann Agis, Ph.D., Executive Director, Fulbright Austria
  •     Erica Lutes, Executive Director, Fulbright Belgium/Luxembourg/Schuman
  •     Angela Rodel, Executive Director, Bulgarian-American Commission for Educational Exchange
  •     Hana Ripkova, Ph.D., Executive Director, Fulbright Czech Republic
  •     Marie Mønsted, Executive Director, Fulbright Denmark
  •     Martine Roussel, Executive Director, Fulbright France
  •     Cathleen Fisher, Ph.D., Executive Director, German-American Fulbright Commission
  •     Artemis A. Zenetou, Executive Director, Fulbright Greece
  •     Fulbright Hungary
  •     Belinda Theriault, Executive Director, Fulbright Iceland
  •     Dara Fitzgerald, Ph.D., Executive Director, Fulbright Ireland-USA
  •     Paolo Sartorio, Executive Director, US-Italy Fulbright Commission
  •     Justyna Janiszewska, Executive Director, Polish-U.S. Fulbright Commission
  •     Otília Macedo Reis, Executive Director, Fulbright Portugal
  •     Mircea Dumitru, Ph.D., Executive Director, Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission
  •     Lýdia Tobiášová, Executive Director, The J. William Fulbright Commission for Educational
        Exchange in the Slovak Republic
  •     Alberto López San Miguel, Executive Director, US-Spain Fulbright Commission
  •     Eric Jönsson, Executive Director, Fulbright Sweden
  •     Maria Balinska, Executive Director, US-UK Fulbright Commission

We provide below links to information on organizations in European countries that are assisting the people of Ukraine; inclusion on this list does not imply the Commissions‘ endorsement of specific organizations or initiatives

Fulbright Germany continues to monitor the situation in Ukraine and the neighboring region carefully and will remain in close contact with the U.S. Embassy in Berlin, the Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, and the German Foreign Office.

Ensuring the safety of our Fulbright Scholars is of utmost importance to us. German and U.S. citizens in Ukraine should heed the advice of the German Federal Foreign Office and the U.S. Department of State. At this critical juncture for the European order and the international rule of law, the Fulbright Commission's mission to promote exchange, dialogue, and cooperation between the United States and Germany is more relevant and important than ever.


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